Options for off-site wine destruction

Wine production is expensive and cost control (without sacrificing quality) is always the focus. However, there are times when the quality of a particular wine in production/aging goes bad. In some instances the wine can be salvaged with a little extra work and sometimes there is no other alternative but to destroy the wine which can be a very expensive last resort.


Whether you are a winery or a wine storage facility, the destruction of wine can be complicated. There are choices available such as do it yourself, ship to a vinegar plant, ship to an alcohol reclamation facility or ship to an alcohol destruction facility. Depending on where your wine is stored, your access to an off-sight facility may be limited.


For those wineries who may be looking for an off-sight destruction facility, there is one that is accessible to all wineries in California. Parallel Products is located in Rancho Cucamonga and whose operations are fully permitted by the following agencies: TTB, State Board of Equalization, U.S. Customs, Regional Air Quality Control Board, Regional Water District and the Department of Health. They accept tax paid and in-bond wine (TTB approval form 6100.16 is required).


The process is relatively painless. You will have to open an account by completing a “Service Agreement” along with completing a form detailing exactly what you want destroyed. Parallel Products will then give you a price (usually by the case) for the receipt and destruction of the wine. (A side note: you will save money if you arrange for the freight instead of having them do it.)